Wi-Fi Protected Setup for the Netgear B90-755025-15Router Sceenshot

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Wi-Fi Protected Setup      Help Login Connection Information Check Connection Wireless Advanced   Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS)     --> WPS is disabled   Use Push Button method Use PIN entry method  Device PIN:   Wi-Fi Protected Setup(WPS) is an easy method to set up of security-enabled Wi-Fi networks in the home and small office environment.Wi-Fi Protected Setup supports two methods(Push Button method or PIN entry method)   Push Button method: The 7550 has a physical button next to the LED's. Depress the button any time to allow new Wi-Fi client devices(Laptop,TV,Game System)to securely join the Wi-Fi network. On the client device,depress the WPS button or software setting to complete the process.The 7550 will automatically stop the process after two-minute setup period after the button pressed.If a new device need to join the Wi-Fi network, depress the button again at any time.   PIN entry method: PIN mode is used to make sure the intended device is added to the network being set up and will help to avoid accidental or malicious attempts to add unintended devices to the network.Select the radio button and enter a PIN number.Next, enable WPS(Must Wi-Fi security enabled for WPA-PSK(TKIP) or WPA-PSK(AES). When prompted on the Wi-Fi client device(Laptop,TV,Game system),enter the PIN to securely join the Wi-Fi network.      
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