Advanced Status for the Netgear B90-755044-15Router Sceenshot

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Frontier     Help         Main Wireless Settings My Connected Home Firewall Settings   Advanced System Monitoring          Main    Modem Status   Advanced Status       Ethernet       ATM       DSL       ADSL       Wireless   Advanced Status WAN Link Type DSL Link Status Up Link Speed 3704 Kbps / 447 Kbps Connection Type PPPoE Connection Status Up Username \ WAN IP Address \ Wan Gateway IP Address \ Wan Subnet Mask Wan MAC Address \ Link Statistics LAN Port1 Port2 Port3 Port4 LAN IP Address LAN Subnet Mask LAN MAC Address \ DHCP Server Status Enabled DHCP Start IP Address DHCP End IP Address LAN Statistics DHCP Clients QOS QOS Statistics Wireless Radio Status Enabled Mode Mixed: accepts 802.11b, 802.11g and 802.11n connections Channel 8 Primary SSID Primary SSID Broadcast Enabled Primary Encryption WPA2 - TKIP+AES Primary Passphrase Key \ Guest Access Status Disabled Guest SSID Guest SSID Broadcast Enabled Guest Encryption None Guest Passphrase Key None MAC Authentication Disabled BSSID \ Wireless Statistics Wireless Clients Gateway Model B90-755044-15 Serial Number \ Firmware Version VER:06.03.02 Up Time 33:20:7:22 System Time 05:53 AM MST System Log Remote Log  
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