Port Blocking for the Netgear CBVG834GRouter Sceenshot

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Residential Gateway Configuration: Port Blocking Add Predefined Service Service  -SERVICES- AIM(TCP:5190) BGP(TCP:179) BOOTP_CLIENT(UDP:68) BOOTP_SERVER(UDP:67..68) CU-SEEME(TCP/UDP:7648) DNS(TCP/UDP:53) FINGER(TCP:79) FTP(TCP:20..21) H.323(TCP:1720) HTTP(TCP:80) HTTPS(TCP:443) ICQ(TCP:5190) IRC(TCP/UDP:6660..6669) NEWS(TCP:144) NFS(UDP:2049) NNTP(TCP:119) POP3(TCP:110) PPTP(TCP:1723) RCMD(TCP:512) REAL-AUDIO(TCP:7070) REXEC(TCP:514) RLOGIN(TCP:513) RTELNET(TCP:107) RTSP(TCP/UDP:554) SFTP(TCP:115) SMTP(TCP:25) SNMP-TRAPS(TCP/UDP:162) SQL-NET(TCP:1521) STRMWORKS(UDP:1558) TACACS(UDP:49) TFTP(UDP:69) VDOLIVE(TCP:7000) SSH(TCP/UDP:22)   Add Custom Service Name Start Port End Port Protocol Local IP Address TCP UDP Both --> 192.168.0 .   --> Port Filter List No filters entered.     --> No filters entered.      Enable    Day(s) to Block Everyday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Time of Day to Block All day Start: (hour) (min) AM PM End: (hour) (min) AM PM  
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