Firewall Rules - Inbound Services Add for the Netgear DG824MRouter Sceenshot

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Inbound Services Inbound Services   Service Netbios(TCP/UDP:135..139) Microsoft_DS(TCP/UDP:445) Back_Orifice(UDP:31337) Bagle_Bkr(TCP:2745) MyDoom_Bkdr(TCP:3127..3198) MyDoom_Bkdr2(TCP:6777) SubSeven(TCP:1243) SubSeven_2(TCP:27374) Sasser_1(TCP:445) Sasser_2(TCP:5554) Sasser_3(TCP:9996) FTP(TCP:20..21) POP3(TCP:110) SMTP(TCP:25) Blazer5(TCP:5000) Action BLOCK by schedule,otherwise allow BLOCK always ALLOW by schedule,otherwise block ALLOW always Send to LAN Server . . . WAN Users Any Single address Address Range start: . . . finish: . . . Log Never Always Match Not Match        
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