Firewall Rules for the Netgear DGND3700v2Router Sceenshot

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NETGEAR Router DGND3700v2 Firewall Rules   Service Table # Service Name Port     Outbound Services # Enable Service Name Action LAN Users WAN Servers Log Default Yes Any ALLOW always Any Any Never       Inbound Services Click here to setup Inbound Firewall Rules for gaming or other applications Instant Messaging(IM) Ports Close IM Ports Open IM Ports(IM ports are open by default) value returned in h_in_sel & h_out_sel Checkboxes are named incbN & outcbN (where N is number starting from 0) => on/off value set and returned in in_enable & out_enable (string with 0 & 1, no separator) --> Help Center Show/Hide Help Center
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