Router Status for the Netgear MBR1210Router Sceenshot

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Router Status Router Status   Active Connection Mobile Broadband   Account Name MBR1210 Firmware Version V1.2.2.47BM   Ethernet Port MAC Address \ IP Address Network Type DHCPClient IP Subnet Mask Gateway IP Address Domain Name Server   Mobile Broadband Modem Mobile Broadband Modem --> Modem Identity \ Modem SW version \ Modem driver version v1.7 IMSI \ IMEI \ ESN \ --> Operator Bell Network mode HSDPA/HSUPA Network band \   Wireless Broadband Port Connection Status Connected IP Address \ Protocol PPP IP Subnet Mask Gateway Ip Address \ --> Domain Name Server \ \   LAN Port MAC Address \ IP Address DHCP ON IP Subnet Mask   Wireless Port Name (SSID) \ Region Canada Channel Auto (6) Wireless AP On Broadcast Name On  
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