Device Connection Status for the Netgear VMDG49Router Sceenshot

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Super Hub | GUI Super Hub Router Status Sign In --> Sign Out Device Connection Status home Device Connection Status Activity Summary See how much data you have uploaded and downloaded since your Super Hub was last power cycled (that's switched on or rebooted). This information will be automatically reset when you next power cycle your Super Hub, or you can reset it manually. Session Time    3day 01h:13m:54s Session Data Downloaded    14,491 MB Session Data Uploaded    1,258 MB Total Data Downloaded    MB Total Data Uploaded    MB --> Do you want to reset the session time and data to zero? Yes Cancel Devices Connected See which wired and wireless devices are connected to your Super Hub and how long they've been connected. Wired Devices MAC Address IP Address Device Name Time Connected Wireless Devices MAC Address IP Address Device Name Time Connected WAN IP Address WAN IP Address     © 2010 Virgin Media. All rights reserved.
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