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Super Hub | GUI Super Hub Sign Out Device Status home Advanced Settings Device Management Device Status help Information Standard Specification Compliant EuroDOCSIS 3.0 Compliant Serial Number Hardware Version 1.03 Software Version V1.01.11 CM Certificate Installed WAN (Modem) MAC Address 0 WAN (Router) MAC Address 1 LAN MAC Address 3 LAN (2.4GHz Wireless) MAC Address LAN (5GHz Wireless) MAC Address System Up Time 3 days 01h:15m:28s Connection LAN IP Address WAN IP Address Lease Time Remaining 3 days 22h:10m:51s Expiry Sun 2 Oct 16:08 Current Network Time Wed 28 Sep 17:57 BST   © 2010 Virgin Media. All rights reserved.
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