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Super Hub | GUI Super Hub Sign Out Port Blocking home Advanced Settings Security Port Blocking help Predefined Rule Service -SERVICES- AIM(TCP:5190) BGP(TCP:179) BOOTP_CLIENT(UDP:68) BOOTP_SERVER(UDP:67..68) CU-SEEME(TCP/UDP:7648) DNS(TCP/UDP:53) FINGER(TCP:79) FTP(TCP:20..21) H.323(TCP:1720) HTTP(TCP:80) HTTPS(TCP:443) ICQ(TCP:5190) IRC(TCP/UDP:6660..6669) NEWS(TCP:144) NFS(UDP:2049) NNTP(TCP:119) POP3(TCP:110) PPTP(TCP:1723) RCMD(TCP:512) REAL-AUDIO(TCP:7070) REXEC(TCP:514) RLOGIN(TCP:513) RTELNET(TCP:107) RTSP(TCP/UDP:554) SFTP(TCP:115) SMTP(TCP:25) SNMP(TCP/UDP:161) SNMP-TRAPS(TCP/UDP:162) SQL-NET(TCP:1521) SSH(TCP/UDP:22) STRMWORKS(UDP:1558) TACACS(UDP:49) TELNET(TCP:23) TFTP(UDP:69) VDOLIVE(TCP:7000) Select a predefined rule from the list. Add Rule Name Enter a name for your rule. Start Port Enter a start port for your rule.      End Port Enter an end port for your rule. Protocol TCP UDP TCP&UDP Select a protocol for your rule. IP Address Enter an IP address for your rule. Port Blocking Rules Name   Port Range   Protocol   IP Address   Enable Delete   Restoring to factory default will mean any changes you have made to the settings in this section will be lost.   © 2010 Virgin Media. All rights reserved. Are you sure you wish to apply the changes?   Yes Cancel Reset Section Defaults Are you sure you want to reset this section to factory defaults? Any changes you have made to the settings in this section will be lost. Yes Cancel
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