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Super Hub | GUI Super Hub Sign Out Super Hub Settings home Super Hub Settings Super Hub Access To make sure your network is as secure as possible, we strongly recommend that you change the default password. Current Password   Password   Make sure you remember your new password, as you will need it to access your Super Hub Re-enter Password   Are you sure you wish to apply the changes? Yes Cancel Remote Access Enable or disable remote access to your Super Hub. Enabling Remote Access allows your Super Hub settings to be accessed from a device located outside of your home network (i.e.Virgin Media's support teams). We recommend that you disable Remote Access when not required, as leaving it enabled could introduce an unnecessary security risk to your network. You can now access your Super Hub remotely using the following url:   Do you wish to continue? Yes Cancel     on Port     This port is used to remotely access your Super Hub when remote access is enabled. The default port number is 8443 but this can be changed to any number between 1 and 65535, however it is best to avoid ports commonly used by other services such as 23, 25. Modem Mode When active, Modem Mode disables the wireless and routing functions of your Super Hub so you can use your own wireless router. For more information please visit . Active Ports & Connections When in Modem Mode, only one Ethernet port will be active on your Super Hub, so when using your own router make sure it's connected to the active port as shown in the image to the left. Alternatively, connect a computer or games console directly to this port. When you are in Modem Mode, to access the Main Menu type into your internet browser. Disable Modem Mode You can disable Modem Mode from the Main Menu which is accessed by typing in your internet browser. Alternatively you can restore your Super Hub back to its original settings by using the reset button on the back of your Super Hub.   Do you wish to continue? Yes Cancel   LED Brightness Low Medium High " /> --> Super Hub Version Software Version    "V1.01.11" Hardware Version    1.03 If you restore your settings to the factory default, any changes you've made to your Super Hub settings will be lost. Do you wish to continue? Yes Cancel Restore Restoring to factory default will mean any changes you have made to the settings of your Super Hub will be lost.   © 2010 Virgin Media. All rights reserved. The port you have entered is already being used in a port forwarding rule. Please change the port number of one that is not currently being forwarded. OK The port that has been selected for remote access is not valid. Please change the port number to one that is valid for remote access such as 8080. OK In order to provide security Remote Access cannot be turned on with the Super Hub password set to its default value. Please change the Super Hub password before enabling Remote Access. OK
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