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NETGEAR Router WNR3500Lv2 Advanced Wireless Settings     Apply                   Cancel        Advanced Wireless Settings Enable Wireless Router Radio   Fragmentation Length (256-2346):     CTS/RTS Threshold (1-2347):     Preamble Mode Long Preamble Short Preamble Turn off wireless signal by schedule The wireless signal is scheduled to turn off during the following time period: Period Start End Recurrence Pattern         Add a new period               Edit               Delete        WPS Settings   Router's PIN: \   Router's PIN: \ --> Enable Router's PIN To prevent PIN compromise, auto disable the PIN after failed PIN connections, until router reboots. In auto disabled mode, router's WPS LED will keep blinking slowly Keep Existing Wireless Settings   AP Mode Enable AP Mode Device Name Get IP Address Dynamically IP Address . . . IP Subnet Mask . . . Gateway IP Address . . . Get DNS Server Address Dynamically Primary DNS . . . Secondary DNS . . .   Wireless Card Access List        Set Up Access List        Help Center Show/Hide Help Center
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