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Netopia Configure Page   Quickstart   LAN   WAN   Advanced Home  >  Configure To make configuration changes, follow these steps: Make a change to a field or parameter. Click Submit. This change isn't permanent; you'll save it later. The Alert button (top right corner) appears. Make more changes, if desired. Click the Alert button. The Save Changes page appears. If your changes are validated, you can save them. If not, a descriptive message appears. Choose Save and Restart. The Gateway restarts with your changes.   Quickstart   For most users, Quickstart includes everything needed to configure a connection to your Service Provider.     LAN   Configuration options for the Local Area Network side of the Gateway.     WAN   Configuration options for the Wide Area Network connection on the Gateway.     Advanced   Advanced configuration options for the Gateway. Consult the user documentation or help text before changing any of these configuration options.   2006 Netopia, Inc.