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Netopia Home Page   Configure   Troubleshoot   Security   Install   Basic Mode Home General Information   Router Name Netopia-3000/\   Model 3347NWG   Serial Number \       Software Version 7.6.1r6 BreakWater Firewall ClearSailing   Product ID 1225   Date & Time 12/14/10 04:43:25 PM Safe Harbour On WAN   Status Up Data Rate (Kbps) Downstream: 3552 Upstream: 384   Local Address \ Peer Address \   Connection Type Always On       NAT On WAN Users Unlimited LAN   IP Address       Netmask Ethernet Status Up   DHCP Server On DHCP Leases 5 out of 253 leases in use   DNS-1 \ DNS-2 \ 2006 Netopia, Inc.   
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