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Motorola Netopia Advanced Page   Quickstart   LAN   WAN   Advanced Home  >  Configure  >  Advanced Network Configuration   IP Static Routes Build IP static route table   IP Static ARP Build IP static ARP table NAT   Pinholes Set up pinholes through NAT   IPMaps Set up NAT one-to-one IP address mappings   Default Server Set up NAT default server options   NAT Table Monitoring Set up NAT Table Monitoring options Services   Differentiated Services Set up Differentiated Service options   DNS Set up DNS options   DHCP Server Set up DHCP server and relay-agent options   RADIUS Server Set up RADIUS server options   SNMP Set up SNMP community, trap and system group options   IGMP Set up IGMP options   UPnP Enable or disable Universal Plug'n'Play   LAN Management (TR-064) Enable or disable DSL Forum LAN-Side DSL CPE Configuration services   Ethernet Bridge Set up ethernet MAC bridge   VLAN Set up VLAN Configuration Miscellaneous   System Configure System parameters   Syslog Parameters Set up Syslog   Internal Servers Configure internal web and telnet ports   Software Hosting Set up Software Hosting   Backup Set up Backup options   Clear Options Restore the Gateway to its factory configuration   Time Zone Time Zone settings 2008 Motorola, Inc.