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Motorola Netopia Firewall Page   Passwords   Firewall   IPSec   Stateful Insp.   Security Log Home  >  Security  >  Firewall BreakWater Firewall ClearSailing   Removes the traffic restrictions imposed by SilentRunning and LANdlocked. Protection against unwanted inbound traffic is controlled by NAT settings. Note: The ClearSailing firewall setting is necessary to enable pinholes, IPMaps and a NAT default server. SilentRunning   Using this level of firewall protection allows secure transmission of outbound traffic, but disables any attempt for inbound traffic to identify the Gateway. This is the Internet equivalent of having an unlisted number. Note: The SilentRunning firewall setting disables pinholes, IPMaps and a NAT default server. LANdLocked   This option turns off all inbound and outbound traffic (including pinholes and IPMaps), isolating the LAN and disabling all WAN traffic. BreakWater Option ClearSailing SilentRunning LANdLocked BreakWater changes are automatically saved, and take effect immediately. 2008 Motorola, Inc.