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Administration Verizon EvDO Rev.A Connected Personal Hotspot Internet Connection Received: 1.27 MB   IP Address: Transmitted: 156.05 KB   Mask: Connected Time: 00:09:19   Gateway:     DNS: WLAN Profile: Secure   IP Address: Network Name: Secure   Mask: Security: WPA-TKIP       Users : 1  /  5       Please note: The "bytes sent" and "bytes received" as seen on this MiFi Admin page are not representative of actual billable data usage when data is transmitted or received on the Verizon Wireless Network.   More Information Due to different network protocol overheads and protocol conversions, the data transmitted on the Verizon Wireless Network will differ from what is observed on the device. Please use the "Usage" tab on VZAccess Manager in USB mode to view the estimated data usage for your current billing cycle. Additionally, when using the MiFi device in WiFi mode, you will not get usage alerts when connecting or be able to track your usage via the "Usage" button in VZAccess Manager. Please periodically connect in USB mode via VZAccess Manager to track your unbilled Usage for the current billing cycle. Novatel Wireless MiFi2200 VZW