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>Status>Modem Status --> Network Statistics --> Connection Status --> DDNS Update Status --> DHCP Clients --> QoS-TCA NTCA Status --> Modem Status --> Product Information --> System Log --> --> Save/Restart Menu --> Log Out Modem Status Modem Status Connection Status   Connected Us Rate (Kbps)   1022 Ds Rate (Kbps)   11958 US Margin   6 DS Margin   6 Trained Modulation   ADSL_2plus LOS Errors   0 DS Line Attenuation   41 US Line Attenuation   22 Peak Cell Rate   2410 cells per sec CRC Rx Fast   0 CRC Tx Fast   351 CRC Rx Interleaved   6164 CRC Tx Interleaved   0 Path Mode   Interleaved DSL Statistics Near End F4 Loop Back Count   0 Near End F5 Loop Back Count   0 Save your configuration changes via the Save/Restart Menu link on the left