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PLC Wireless Router      Firmware Version : W2000EN-00 setup advanced maintenance status help device info All of your Internet and network connection details are displayed on this page. The firmware version is also displayed here. system info Model Name :   Time and Date :   Firmware Version :   WAN Port Information Wan Connection : Factory Default MAC Address :   Net Link :   IP address :   Subnet mask :   Default Gateway :   Domain Name Server :   LAN Port Information MAC Address:   IP Address:   Subnet Mask:   Wireless LAN Wireless Radio :   Wireless Network Name (SSID) : BSSID :   802.11 Mode :   Wireless Channel :   Wireless Security Mode :   DHCP Server0000 DHCP Server :   IP Pool Range :   Lease Time :   Domain Name Server :   Hardware Hardware Platform :   Hardware Version :   Helpful Hints... All of your Router's Information, WAN, LAN and status and details are display here. Details include firmware version, MAC address, Default gateway, Modem IP and etc. More... Copyright © 2005-2012 PLC Systems, Inc.