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PLC Wireless Router      Firmware Version : W2000EN-00 setup advanced maintenance status help System -- Reboot Click the button below to reboot the router. System -- Backup Settings Back up PLC Router configurations. You may save your router configurations to a file on your PC. Note: Please always save configuration file first before viewing it. System -- Update Settings Update PLC Router settings. You may update your router settings using your saved files. Settings File Name: System -- Restore Default Settings Restore PLC Router settings to the factory defaults. Helpful Hints... Once your router is configured the way you want it, you can save the configuration settings to a configuration file. You might need this file so that you can load your configuration later in the event that the router's default settings are restored. This page allows you to Save the Setting of your router configuration or Restart your router. More... Copyright © 2005-2012 PLC Systems, Inc.
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