LAN Settings for the PLC Systems GPN2-4P21-C-CNRouter Sceenshot

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PLC Wireless Router      Firmware Version : W2000EN-00 setup advanced maintenance status help LAN Settings This section allows you to configure the LAN Setup settings of your PLC Router . Please note that this section is optional and you should not need to change any of the settings here to get your network up and running. Router IP Address : Subnet Mask : Enable Arp Isolate    DHCP Server Enable DHCP Server        IP Pool Starting Address : . . . IP Pool Ending Address : . . .    IP Pool Uses Other Default Gw IP Pool Default Gateway : IP Pool Subnet mask : DHCP Lease Time : ( 1 - 160 hours) Domain Name Server Assignment :   Auto         Manual Domain Name Server (Primary) IP : Domain Name Server (Secondary) IP : Helpful Hints... The IP address of your PLC router is the same IP address you will use to access the web management interface of your router. If you already have a DHCP server on your network or are using static IP addresses on all the devices on your network, click on Disable DHCP Server to disable this feature. More... Copyright © 2005-2012 PLC Systems, Inc.