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Home Services Settings Site Map Key Things to do Using Your Gateway Troubleshoot - Go to online support, troubleshooting & AT&T eRepair Wireless - Modify security or settings Restart your System - Reboot the gateway Home Network - Find a computer, share a file Customize Firewall - Adjust firewall settings for gaming and applications Gateway Status Connection to AT&T Up Wireless Network ID (SSID) Authentication type WPA2-PSK (AES) Network key Status On VoIP Voice Status Line 1 (na) No subscribed service Line 2 (na) No subscribed service Home Network Devices IP Address/Name Status Connection Inactive Wireless Active Wireless Roku 1 - 250 Active Wireless TDC Active Wireless Inactive Wireless Active Wireless Inactive Wireless Inactive Wireless Inactive Wireless Inactive Wireless Roku 1 - 238 Active Wireless