Link Tree for the Pace Plc 3801HGVRouter Sceenshot

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Home Services Settings Site Map System Info Broadband LAN Firewall Logs Diagnostics Link Test Link Tree DSL IP Utilities NAT Syslog Resets Link Tree \--> root0 is UP |--> global0 is UP |--> device0 is UP |--> rnat0 is UP |--> route0 is UP |--> fw0 is UP |--> sysio0 is UP |--> phone0 is PHONE_IDLE |--> phone1 is PHONE_IDLE |--> led0 is UP \--> cms0 is UP |--> home0 is UP \--> bridge0 is UP |--> hostap0 is UP |--> ipnet1 is UP |--> bridgemon0 is UP \--> ippool0 is UP \--> ip6net0 is UP \--> bband0 is UP |--> dsl0 is UP \--> bridge1 is UP \--> eapol0 is UP \--> autoeth0 is UP \--> dhcp0 is UP \--> ipnet0 is UP |--> dnstest0 is UP |--> dhcpm0 is UP \--> ip6rd0 is UP \--> bridge2 is NOT_PROV
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