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Port Mapping Configuration To create a new mapping group: 1. Enter the Group name and select interfaces from the available interface list and add it to the grouped interface list using the arrow buttons to create the required mapping of the ports. The group name must be unique. 2. If you like to automatically add LAN clients to a PVC in the new group add the DHCP vendor ID string. By configuring a DHCP vendor ID string any DHCP client request with the specified vendor ID (DHCP option 60) will be denied an IP address from the local DHCP server. Note that these clients may obtain public IP addresses --> 2. Click Save/Apply button to make the changes effective immediately Note that the selected interfaces will be removed from their existing groups and added to the new group. Group Name: Grouped Interfaces Available Interfaces   "> eth0 nas_0_33 nas_8_35 USB Automatically Add Clients With the following DHCP Vendor IDs -->
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