WAN Setup for the Pirelli DRG A112Router Sceenshot

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Wide Area Network (WAN) Setup Choose Add, Edit, or Remove to configure WAN interfaces. Choose Save/Reboot to apply the changes and reboot the system. VPI/VCI Con. ID Category Service Interface Protocol Igmp Multicast QoS State Remove Edit 0/33 1 UBR Telecom ppp_0_33_1 PPPoE Disabled Disabled Disabled Enabled 8/35 1 UBR Telefonica ppp_8_35_1 PPPoE Disabled Disabled Disabled Disabled Internet Connection VPI/VCI Con. ID Con. State Con. Time Public IP Addr Con. Button 0/33 1 Active 0 d, 0 h, 30 m, 46 s  
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