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DRG A125G Management Console Discus™ Multiplay Access Gateway   Home   Map View   Quick Setup   Network Connections   Security   QoS   Advanced   System Monitoring   Logout   User: Local_admin     Internet Connection     Connected   Technology: DSL Protocol: ETHoA Mode: ADSL2+ Type: Interleaved Line Coding: Trellis on Status: No defect Link Power State: L0 Connection Speed: 8599 Kbps Downstream / 759 Kbps Upstream     Local Network   1 Computers Connected     laptop Connected           Services       Firewall Typical Security QoS Default Personal Domain Name Disabled           System Status Indication       Software Version: TEO_4.2.5.0013   Configuration Version: TEO_4.2.5.0001 Firmware Version: 4.5.3 Upgrade System Has Been Up For: 346 hours, 22 minutes