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DRG A125G Management Console Discus™ Multiplay Access Gateway   Home   Map View   Quick Setup   Network Connections   Security   QoS   Advanced   System Monitoring   Logout   User: Local_admin   General General Traffic Priority Traffic Shaping DSCP Settings 802.1p Settings Class Statistics   WAN Devices Bandwidth (Rx/Tx): 500/64 Kbits/s 750/96 Kbits/s 1500/128 Kbits/s 5000/256 Kbits/s 100/100 Mbits/s Automatic User Defined Unlimited QoS Profiles Default No Quality of Service preferences P2P User "I use peer-to-peer and file-sharing applications. I still want to be able to use my browser without interference." HTTP/HTTPS: Medium TCP ACKs: Medium Other: Low Triple Play User "I use VoIP applications and video streaming. I want these applications to be as fast as possible." VoIP (SIP, H323): High Video: High-Medium HTTP/HTTPS: Medium Other: Low Home Worker "I work from home, and want my VPN and browser to have priority over other traffic." VPN (IPsec, L2TP, PPTP): Medium HTTP/HTTPS: Medium Other: Low Gamer "I play games over the Internet and want the games-related traffic to be as fast as possible." Games Related Traffic: Medium Other: Low Priority By Host "I want to give different hosts in my network different priorities when accessing the public network." High Priority Host: Low Priority Host: Other: Medium Note: Choosing a new QoS profile will cause all previous configuration settings to be lost      
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