IGMP Snooping for the Planet ADN-4100Router Sceenshot

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PLANET Welcome admin , Logout setup advanced maintenance status help advanced --> Advanced Wireless Advanced Settings MAC Filtering Security Settings WPS Settings WDS Settings Port Forwarding DMZ Parental Control Block Website Block MAC Address Filtering Options Inbound IP Filtering Outbound IP Filtering Bridge Filtering QOS Config QOS Interface Config QOS Queue Config QOS Classify Config Firewall Settings DNS Dynamic DNS Network Tools Port Mappping IGMP Proxy IGMP Snooping UPnP ADSL SNMP TR-069 Certificates Printer --> PPTP IPSEC Routing Static Route Default Gateway RIP Schedules Logout IGMP Transmission of identical content, such as multimedia, from a source to a number of recipients. IGMP SETUP Enable IGMP Snooping Port1 : Port2 : Port3 : Port4 : --> Helpful Hints... With IGMP Snooping enabled, the device (L2 switch) can make intelligent multicast forwarding (only) toward those hosts, i.e. IPSTBs etc., which request to join (as members of) a specific multicast group, i.e. an IPTV channel etc., within the broadcast domain (same PVC/VLAN). As a result, it significantly reduces traffic flooding upon interfaces which are not registered as receivers of specific multicast group. More...
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