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PLANET Welcome admin , Logout setup advanced maintenance status help maintenance --> System Firmware Update Access Controls Account Password Services IP Address Diagnostics System Log Logout System Log If the log mode is enabled, the system will begin to log all the selected events. If the selected mode is "Remote" or "Both", events will be sent to the specified IP address and UDP port of the remote syslog server. If the selected mode is "Local" or "Both", events will be recorded in the local memory. Select the desired values and click "Apply" to configure the system log options. Note: This will not work correctly if modem time is not properly set! Please set it in "Setup/Time and Date" System Log -- Configuration Enable Log Mode : Local Remote Both Server IP Address : Server UDP Port : Helpful Hints... This page allows you to enable, configure and view your router system log. The system log will keep a record of your router activity. Depending on the amount of detail you include in the log, your router can only keep a limited number of log entries due to router memory constraints. If you have an external SYSLOG server, you may choose to configure external logging and all log entries will be sent to your remote server. More...
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