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PLANET Welcome admin , Logout setup advanced maintenance status help maintenance --> System Firmware Update Access Controls Account Password Services IP Address Diagnostics System Log Logout System -- Reboot Click the button below to reboot the router. System -- Backup Settings Back up DSL Router configurations. You may save your router configurations to a file on your PC. Note: Please always save configuration file first before viewing it. System -- Update Settings Update DSL Router settings. You may update your router settings using your saved files. Settings File Name: System -- Restore Default Settings Restore DSL Router settings to the factory defaults. Helpful Hints... This page allows you to reboot your router or save your router configuration to a file on your computer as a precaution in case you have to reset your router to factory default settings. You will be able to restore your router settings from a previously saved configuration file. There is also a function to allow you to reset your router to factory default settings. Resetting your router to factory default settings will delete your current configuration. More...