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PLANET Welcome admin , Logout setup advanced maintenance status help maintenance --> System Firmware Update Access Controls Account Password Services IP Address Diagnostics System Log Logout Account Password Access to your DSL Router is controlled through three user accounts: admin, support, and user. The user name "support" is used to allow an ISP technician to access your DSL Router for maintenance and to run diagnostics.This user name can not be used in local. The user name "user" can access the DSL Router, view configuration settings and statistics, as well as update the router's firmware. Use the fields below to enter up to 16 characters and click "Apply" to change or create passwords. Note: Password cannot contain a space. Account Password Username:   admin user support Current Password:   New Password:   Confirm Password:   (Passwords support 16 characters,such as 0~9,a~z,A~Z) Web Idle Time out Settings Web Idle Time Out:   (5 ~ 30 minutes) Helpful Hints... This page allows you to modify your router password needed to access this Web management interface. For security reasons, it is recommended that you change your device's admin and user passwords from the factory default. The password you choose should be between 1 and 16 characters in length. Please make sure to choose a password you can remember or write it down and keep in a safe and separate location for future reference. If you forget your device password, the only solution is to reset your router to factory default settings and you will lose all your device configuration settings. More...
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