Anti-dos Settings for the Planet ADW-4401Router Sceenshot

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Anti-dos Settings Anti-dos Settings "denial-of-service attack"(DoS Attack),a type of attack on a network that is designed to bring the network to its knees by flooding it with useless traffic.This page is used to prevent DOS attacks that you configure. Note: Please Commit/Reboot if you want to make this settings effective immediately.   Enable Anti-dos      Whole System Flood: SYN packets/sec      Whole System Flood: FIN packets/sec      Whole System Flood: UDP packets/sec      Whole System Flood: ICMP packets/sec      Per-Source IP Flood: SYN packets/sec      Per-Source IP Flood: FIN packets/sec      Per-Source IP Flood: UDP packets/sec      Per-Source IP Flood: ICMP packets/sec      TCP/UDP PortScan High Low Sensitivity      ICMP Smurf      IP Land      IP Spoof      IP TearDrop      PingOfDeath      TCP Scan      TCP SynWithData      UDP Bomb      UDP EchoChargen            Enable Source IP Blocking Block Time(Sec)   
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