TR-069 Configuration for the Planet ADW-4401Router Sceenshot

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TR-069 Configuration TR-069 Configuration This page is used to configure the TR-069 CPE. Here you may change the setting for the ACS's parameters. Note: Please Commit/Reboot if you want to make this settings effective immediately. ACS URL: User Name: Password: Periodic Inform Enable: Disabled   Enabled Periodic Inform Interval(s): Connection Request User Name: Password: Debug ACS Certificates CPE: No   Yes Show Message: Disabled   Enabled CPE Sends GetRPC: Disabled   Enabled Skip MReboot: Disabled   Enabled Delay: Disabled   Enabled Auto-Execution: Disabled   Enabled CT Inform Extension: Disabled   Enabled       Certificate Management: CPE Certificate Password: CPE Certificate:    CA Certificate:   
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