Wireless Security for the Planet WRT-416Router Sceenshot

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Security Configuration Authentication Type None           WEP           WPA Personal    WPA2 Personal   WPA&WPA2 Personal Accessorial Authentication & Encryption Open System Shared Key Auto Select Accessorial Authentication & Encryption TKIP AES AutoLink Configuration AutoLink Enable AutoLink Low Transmit Power (AP Only) AutoLink Security Mode WPA-TKIP AutoLink ON Time (sec) 20 40 60 120 User defined Pass Phrase (AP Only) WEP KEY Length 64 bits 128 bits WEP Mode HEX    ASCII Key 1 Key format is 5 Character Key format is 10 Hex-Number, every Hex-Number can be 0-9 and A-F Key format is 13 Character Key format is 26 Hex-Number, every Hex-Number can be 0-9 and A-F Key 2 Key 3 Key 4 Pre-Shared Key Key Format Please input 8-63 characters KEY Rekey Time (sec) Pre-Shared Key WPA TKIP AES WPA2 AES KEY Mode Please input 8-63 characters WPA Pass Phrase WPA2 Pass Phrase Rekey Time (sec)
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