Quick Setup for the Qwest 3347-02Router Sceenshot

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Quick Configuration Quick Setup Select the protocol that is utilized by your ISP: PPP over ATM VC muxed PPP over ATM LLC/SNAP PPP over Ethernet LLC/SNAP PPP over Ethernet VC muxed RFC-1483 Bridged Ethernet LLC/SNAP RFC-1483 Routed IP LLC/SNAP   Autosensing:  Off PPPoE/DHCP PPPoE/PPPoA     Enter your PPP User Name and Password: PPP User Name:  PPP Password:      My ISP does not require a username and password.   Select the IP Type: Dynamic IP - DHCP (Default) Single Static IP Address Block of Static IP Addresses (Unnumbered Mode) Select the DNS type: Dynamic DNS Addresses (Default)   Static DNS Addresses  
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