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  Security Setting Packet Filters - Allows you to control access to a network by analyzing the incoming and outgoing packets and letting them pass or halting them based on the IP address of the source and destination. Domain Filters - Let you prevent users under this device from accessing specific URLs. URL Blocking - URL Blocking will block LAN computers to connect to pre-defined websites. MAC Address Control - MAC Address Control allows you to assign different access right for different users and to assign a specific IP address to a certain MAC address. Miscellaneous - Remote Administrator Host: In general, only Intranet user can browse the built-in web pages to perform administration task. This feature enables you to perform administration task from remote host. - Administrator Time-out: The amount of time of inactivity before the device will automatically close the Administrator session. Set this to zero to disable it. - Discard PING from WAN side: When this feature is enabled, hosts on the WAN cannot ping the Device.
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