WAN Interface Setup for the Repotec RP-WR1440ARouter Sceenshot

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WAN Interface Setup WAN Interface Setup This page is used to configure the parameters for Internet network which connects to the WAN port of your Access Point. Here you may change the access method to static IP, DHCP, PPPoE or PPTP by click the item value of WAN Access type. WAN Access Type: Static IP DHCP Client PPPoE PPTP IP Address: Subnet Mask: Default Gateway: User Name: Password: Service Name: Connection Type: Continuous Connect on Demand Manual       Idle Time:  (1-1000 minutes) MTU Size:  (1400-1492 bytes) IP Address: Subnet Mask: Server IP Address: User Name: Password: MTU Size:  (1400-1460 bytes) --> Attain DNS Automatically Set DNS Manually    DNS 1:    DNS 2:    DNS 3: Clone MAC Address:   Enable Web Server Access on WAN from port :   Enable IPsec pass through on VPN connection   Enable PPTP pass through on VPN connection   Enable L2TP pass through on VPN connection   
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