Predefined Service for the SMC SMCD3GNRouter Sceenshot

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Port Forwarding Predefined Service Predefined service allows users to choose the traffic type to be allowed-in from Internet. Service AIM/ICQ(TCP:5190) BGP(TCP/UDP:179) CU-SEEME(TCP/UDP:7648,24032) DNS(TCP/UDP:53) FINGER(TCP/UDP:79) FTP(TCP/UDP:20,21) H.323(TCP:1720) HTTP(TCP/UDP:80) HTTPS(TCP/UDP:443) IPSEC_TUNNEL(ESP:50) IRC(TCP/UDP:6665-6669) MSN Messenger(TCP/UDP:1863) AUDIONEWS(TCP/UDP:114) NFS(TCP/UDP:2049) NNTP(TCP/UDP:119) PING(ICMP:1) PPTP(TCP/UDP:1723) PPTP_TUNNEL(GRE:47) REAL-AUDIO(TCP:7070) REXEC/RCMD(TCP:512) RLOGIN(TCP:513) RTELNET(TCP/UDP:107) RTSP(TCP/UDP:554) SFTP(TCP/UDP:115) SMTP(TCP/UDP:25) SNMP(TCP/UDP:161) SNMP-TRAPS(TCP/UDP:162) SQL-NET(TCP/UDP:150) SSH(TCP/UDP:22) STRMWORKS(UDP:1558) TACACS(TCP/UDP:49) TELNET(TCP/UDP:23) TFTP(TCP/UDP:69) VDOLIVE(TCP:7000) LAN Server IP . . . Remote IPs Any Single address Address Range Start IP . . . End IP . . .      
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