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Configuration Tools Configuration Tools Use the "Backup" tool to save the SMCD3GN2 current configuration to a file named "smc.cfg" on your local PC. You can then use the "Restore" tool to restore the saved configuration to the SMCD3GN2. Alternatively, if you want to backup or restore the SMCD3GN2 configuration remotely, you can use the "Remotely backup/restore Gateway settings" tool. To use this tool, you need to fill in the remote TFTP server address and Gateway config filename manually. Then press "Restore" button to retrieve the file from the TFTP server, or "Backup" to save the file to the TFTP server. Also, you can use the "Restore to Factory Defaults" tool to force the SMCD3GN2 to perform a power reset and restore the original factory settings. Configuration file settings # Update Time Length   Script0 Mon Mar 5 22:20:58 2012 0 Bytes running Script1 Thu Jan 1 00:00:14 1970 0 Bytes backup Locally backup current settings Script0 (running) Script1 Locally restore saved settings from file Script0 (running) Script1 Remotely backup/restore Gateway settings TFTP Server Address Gateway Config Filename Script0 (running) Script1 Script0 (running) Script1 Restore to Factory Defaults
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