Remote Management for the SMC SMCD3GN2-RESRouter Sceenshot

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Remote Management Remote Management The SMCD3GN2 can be remotely managed from the public Internet on the assigned WAN IP. Remote access can be limited to the administrative "MSO" login and/or the customer login, or disabled completely by using the check boxes next to "MSO remote management" and "Customer remote management". The default port can also be changed for each remote access protocol by using the checkbox to the right of the protocol and entering a new port. WAN IP Address \ Http Port Telnet Port Https Port Hnap Port --> SSH Port Mso remote management Customer remote management Limit remote management to: All IP Addresses Single Address Address Range . . .  to  . . . Permitted IP Addresses: Limit config file download to: Enable ACL Single Address Address Range . . .  to  . . . Deny IP Addresses:
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