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WAN Settings WAN Settings The SMCD3GN2 can be connected to your cable service provider either by DHCP or by a static IP. The DNS can also be assigned staticly or through DHCP process. Do you want to assign your own WAN IP address ?     No   Yes  Use public LAN IP as the WAN IP      WAN IP Address . . .      WAN IP Subnet Mask . . .      WAN Gateway IP Address . . .     DHCP WAN IP   Do you want to assign your own DNS address ?     No   Yes      Primary DNS . . .      Secondary DNS . . . For DHCP request, the Host Name is optional, but may be required by some Service Providers for authentication. Host Name :   (If Required) Some cable Internet companies will required you to notify them when you replace the original PC so that they can register the MAC address. MAC Cloning lets you substitute a different MAC address for the built-in WAN MAC address. The default MAC address for WAN DHCP request is learned from the PC's MAC address when the PC is connected to the SMCD3GN2 at the first time. If users want to re-learn the clone MAC address from the connected PC, they could press the "Clone MAC Refresh" button to force SMCD3GN2 re-learn the clone MAC address. Users also can check the "Clone MAC Address" checkbox and manually fill in their preferred MAC address. Clone MAC Address : -->
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