LAN Settings for the SMC SMCWBR14S-N4Router Sceenshot

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Local Area Network (LAN) Settings Local Area Network (LAN) Settings LAN Interface Setup MAC Address \  Hostname IP Address Subnet Mask LAN2 Enablei   Disable LAN2 IP Address LAN2 Subnet Mask Default Gateway Primary DNS Server Secondary DNS Server DHCP Setup DHCP Type Disable Server DHCP Start IP DHCP End IP DHCP Subnet Mask DHCP Primary DNS DHCP Secondary DNS DHCP Default Gateway DHCP Lease Time --> Half hour One hour Two hours Half day One day Two days One week Two weeks Forever Statically Assigned MAC: IP: Statically Assigned MAC: IP: Statically Assigned MAC: IP: Other Setup 802.1d Spanning Tree Disable Enable LLTD Disable Enable IGMP proxy Disable Enable UPNP Disable Enable Router Advertisement Disable Enable PPPOE relay Disable Enable DNS proxy Disable Enable   
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