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SMC Draft 11n Wireless Gigabit 4-Port Broadband Router : Advanced / Advanced Wireless Virtual Server Special Applications Gaming Streamengine Routing Access Control Web Filter MAC Address Filter Firewall Inbound Filter Advanced Wireless Advanced Network WISH Wi-Fi Protected Setup Configuration Warnings Advanced Wireless If you are not familiar with these Advanced Wireless settings, please read the help section before attempting to modify these settings. Advanced Wireless Settings Transmit Power : High Medium Low Beacon Period : (20..1000) RTS Threshold : (1..65535) Fragmentation Threshold : (256..65535) DTIM Interval : (1..255) WMM Enable : Aggregation Limit : 8 Kbytes 16 Kbytes 32 Kbytes 64 Kbytes TPC Max Gain : (0..50) Aggregation Max Size : (2000..65535) Aggregation Num Packets : (1..64) Force Short Slot for 11N Clients : A-MPDU Aggregation : Short GI : Extra Wireless Protection : WDS Enable : WDS AP MAC Address : 0: 1: 2: 3: 4: 5: (Leave blank or all 0's to disable WDS for that slot) Helpful Hints... It is recommended that you leave these parameters at their default values. Adjusting them could limit the performance of your wireless network. Use 802.11d only for countries where it is required. Enabling WMM can help control latency and jitter when transmitting multimedia content over a wireless connection. More...   Copyright 2004-2007 SMC, Inc.  
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