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SMC Draft 11n Wireless Gigabit 4-Port Broadband Router : Tools/Dynamic DNS Admin Time SysLog EMail Settings System Firmware Dynamic DNS System Check Schedules Print Server Scanner Configuration Warnings Dynamic DNS Dynamic DNS (DDNS) The DDNS feature allows you to host a server (Web, FTP, Game Server, etc...) using a domain name that you have purchased (www.whateveryournameis.com) with your dynamically assigned IP address. Most broadband Internet Service Providers assign dynamic (changing) IP addresses. Using a DDNS service provider, your friends can enter your host name to connect to your game server no matter what your IP address is. Dynamic DNS Enable Dynamic DNS: Server Address: www.changeip.com www.DynDNS.org (Custom) www.DynDNS.org (Free) www.DynDNS.org (Static) www.easyDNS.com www.EuroDynDNS.org www.no-ip.com www.ods.org www.ovh.com www.regfish.com www.tzo.com www.zoneedit.com Host Name: (e.g.: www.SMC.com) Username or Key: Password or Key: Verify Password or Key: Timeout: (hours) Helpful Hints... To use this feature, you must first have a Dynamic DNS account from one of the providers in the drop down menu. More...   Copyright 2004-2007 SMC, Inc.  
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