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SMC Draft 11n Wireless Gigabit 4-Port Broadband Router : Advanced / WISH Virtual Server Special Applications Gaming Streamengine Routing Access Control Web Filter MAC Address Filter Firewall Inbound Filter Advanced Wireless Advanced Network WISH Wi-Fi Protected Setup WISH WISH (Wireless Intelligent Stream Handling) prioritizes the traffic of various wireless applications. WISH Enable WISH : Priority Classifiers HTTP : Windows Media Center : Automatic : (default if not matched by anything else) Add WISH Rule You cannot add more rules because the table is full. Enable : Name : Priority : Background (BK) Best Effort (BE) Video (VI) Voice (VO) Protocol :  <<  Any TCP UDP Both ICMP Other Host 1 IP Range : - Host 1 Port Range : - Host 2 IP Range : - Host 2 Port Range : - WISH Rules   Name Priority Host 1 IP Range Host 2 IP Range Protocol / Ports     Helpful Hints... Enable this option if you want to allow WISH to prioritize wireless traffic. For most applications, the priority classifiers ensure the right priorities, and specific WISH Rules are not required. More...   Copyright 2004-2007 SMC, Inc.