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Special Application Some applications require multiple connections, such as Internet gaming, video conferencing, Internet telephony and others. These applications cannot work when Network Address Translation (NAT) is enabled. If you need to run applications that require multiple connections, specify the port normally associated with an application in the "Trigger Port" field, select the protocol type as TCP or UDP, then enter the public ports associated with the trigger port to open them for inbound traffic. Note: The range of the Trigger Ports is from 1 to 65535.   Trigger Port Trigger Type Public Port Public Type Enabled 1. TCP UDP TCP UDP 2. TCP UDP TCP UDP 3. TCP UDP TCP UDP 4. TCP UDP TCP UDP 5. TCP UDP TCP UDP 6. TCP UDP TCP UDP 7. TCP UDP TCP UDP 8. TCP UDP TCP UDP 9. TCP UDP TCP UDP 10. TCP UDP TCP UDP   Popular applications   -- select one -- Battle.net Dialpad ICU II MSN Gaming Zone PC-to-Phone Quick Time 4       1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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