Wireless for the SOHO 18-OB-WR85-FHEURouter Sceenshot

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Wireless Radio Setup   Radio Setting    Security Setting    Status       Wireless:     Enable Wireless Disable Wireless       FirmWare Version:     802.11G_1.0.4.3 Mode:     MIXED G_ONLY B_ONLY ESSID:     Channel:     1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14             Beacon Interval:     msec RTS Threshold:     (256-2432) Fragmentation Threshold:     (256-2346, even numbers only) DTIM Interval:     (1-255)       Preamble Type:     Short Preamble Long Preamble   Distribution System:     Enable Disable       Peer AP MAC Address 1:     Peer AP MAC Address 2:     Peer AP MAC Address 3:     Peer AP MAC Address 4:     Peer AP MAC Address 5:     Peer AP MAC Address 6:     Peer AP MAC Address 7:     Peer AP MAC Address 8:             Use the Wireless Radio Setting screen to configure your Gateway for wireless access. If you do not know how to change it, please leave the default value, as following table lists. Default Values for Radio Settings Beacon Interval 100 RTS Threshold 2432 Fragmentation Threshold 2346 DTIM Interval 1 Preamble Type Long Preamble Distribution System Disable