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Overdrive Pro Home -->     GPS must be enabled by the administrator before this feature can be used. Online Help User Guide Important Info Enter Local Search Item --> Guy start change open pop up parameter Guy end change open pop up parameter --> Your Overdrive Pro Status Great signal (80%) Not Connected --> Connected Not Roaming You have 1 alert GPS agreement required 1 Wi-Fi user No battery 1.13 GB   12:53:24 SD card not detected SD card not detected --> Speaker Off   (16051605)   --> --> OverdrivePro346 (16051605)       1.13 GB   12:53:24    You will no longer have access to the device. Are you sure you want to turn the power off?   Alert 1 of 1       Privacy Agreement You must first accept the GPS privacy agreement before you can use GPS   Please review the following notice and agreement for enabling and use of Location-Based Services that we (Sprint) provide using the geographic location of your Sprint Mobile Broadband device. In order to activate Location-Based Services, you MUST read this notice and give your consent to the following terms and conditions.   YOUR CONSENT IS REQUIRED :  To deliver Location-Based Services, we will need to use, disclose or permit our trusted agents, affiliates, joint venture partners and contractors access to information regarding the geographic location of the Sprint device in use, for the limited purpose of providing you with Location-Based Services. Under federal law and certain state laws, we MUST get your express consent before conducting these activities. Your Consent will apply for use with all Sprint Location-Based Services. Your Consent will apply to the enabling of GPS NMEA output to local GPS for your use with GPS application(s) installed on your system by you or your corporation.   Please note that you may be required to review and provide your Location/Privacy consent for GPS application(s) specific functionality.   HOW TO PROVIDE OR WITHDRAW YOUR CONSENT AND WHAT IT MEANS :  To give us your ‘Consent’, please click ACCEPT [when prompted with the privacy consent] during installation of software or when enabling GPS on device via settings.  Only an authorized system user or the system Administrator may provide Consent and agree to the Terms and Conditions.   If you would like to review, withdraw, limit or expand your Consent at any time, you can access this privacy setting by selecting “Location Settings” from the connection utility client, and select or deselect “Enable GPS”, upon selecting to enable GPS on the device you will be prompted for your Consent.    NOTE Your Consent is valid until revoked, and withholding your Consent will not affect your other (non-location based) Sprint services in any way. However, it will preclude us from providing you any Location-Based Services information related to the device in use and may prevent any Location-Based Services from working correctly.   TERMS AND CONDITIONS :  Please note that the authorized system user or the system Administrator's Consent applies to all users on the account. Accordingly, before activating any Location-Based Service, the account holder is responsible for providing notice to all users that, by using the account and associated Sprint devices and as a condition of such use, the users are consenting to the account's terms and conditions, which include: (a) consent to the collection, access, use, and disclosure of their location information and other customer information by Sprint; and (b) the activation of any Location-Based Service used by the account holder. The account holder MUST provide such notice to and get consent from each new user of its account over the length of its customer relationship with Sprint.  These terms and conditions supplement the existing service or other agreement between Sprint and you, the account holder ("Service Agreement"). Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in any Service Agreement, by completing this transaction, you hereby warrant that: (a) the account holder shall comply with the terms and conditions of this agreement and all applicable laws, rules and regulations; (b) as a condition of the account holder's use of any Location-Based Service accessed through the Sprint network, and with respect to third-party claims only, the account holder shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless Sprint, its affiliates and subsidiaries, and its and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns from and against any judgments, claims, actions, losses, damages, liabilities, costs or expenses (including, but not limited to, reasonable attorneys' fees and legal expenses) of any kind arising from or attributable to any breach by the account holder of its obligations under this agreement or any privacy, employee, or consumer protection right that is implicated under this agreement. This indemnity provision shall continue in effect even after, and notwithstanding, any revocation of Consent or the expiration or termination of the account holder's customer relationship with Sprint.   more...  I have read the foregoing and hereby agree to the Terms and Conditions of this Notice and I provide Consent.     To change settings, you must log in.          Your GPS location fix information is not very recent and may not correctly identify your current position. Would you like to use this information or request an updated location fix?   Use this fix Get new fix    Signal Quality    Active network: 3G (EVDO RevA) 3G status: Connected ; Great signal (80%)   Coverage Type RSSI Ec/lo 3G 1x -91dBm -7 3G EVDO -84dBm -5   4G status: Not Connected ; Power Save Mode Coverage Type RSSI CINR 4G   Experiencing poor signal?      3G/4G Mobile Broadband Information    Active network: 3G (EVDO RevA) 3G status: Connected ; Great signal (80%) 4G status: Not Connected ; Power Save Mode TCP Optimizations for Windows XP and Vista   Connection Preferences   3G Preferred   4G Preferred   3G Only   4G Only  Connect Automatically        Disable when roaming          To change settings, you must log in.          Roaming Information    Status: Not Roaming     Roaming Settings  Allow 3G roaming (additional charges may occur)  Allow 3G international access  Allow 4G international access          To change settings, you must log in.          GPS Information and Settings    Status: GPS agreement required View privacy agreement Latitude: Longitude: Altitude: Speed: Heading: Satellites: HEPE: Timestamp:       Enable GPS GPS Mode     One-time   Continuous    Metric units Mapping service Google Maps MapQuest Microsoft (Bing) Yahoo        To change settings, you must log in.          Connected Users    0 users connected to the device ( 0 via USB)            To change settings, you must log in.          Battery Information and Settings    Battery Level: No battery    Battery or USB powered: Wi-Fi Performance: Short Range Medium WI-Fi range --> Long Range Standby Timer on Battery:  Disabled 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes  AC powered: Wi-Fi Performance: Short Range Long Range Standby Timer:  Disabled 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes 40 minutes 50 minutes 60 minutes -->          To change settings, you must log in.          Internet Connection Information Usage info disclaimer...    Data Sent: 141 MB Duration: 12:53:24 Data Received: 985 MB WWAN IP Address: Total Transferred: 1.13 GB more info...   --> Displayed data usage is intended to help manage usage. The amounts shown are approximate, may vary and are not to be relied on for billing purposes. --> Data Use This Cycle* Lifetime --> Data Use As of: 2011.12.28 UTC Lifetime 3G Sent 5.15 GB 23.3 GB Received 37.0 GB 234 GB Total 42.1 GB 258 GB 4G Sent 0.00 KB 0.00 KB Received 0.00 KB 0.00 KB Total 0.00 KB 0.00 KB 3G + 4G Total 42.1 GB 258 GB      *Starts on day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 of each month 12  days left in cycle check carrier usage ...      To change settings, you must log in.                       Please acknowledge the receipt of this message by pressing the power button on your device if you have not done so already. To review your usage and data plans, please check your 'My Account' page for status and an overview of your current plan. Click here to go to To ensure you are on the best service plan for your needs, you may also call Customer Care at 888-662-4577 (877-822-2991 for Business Class Mobile).    SD Card Information and Settings    How do I use this? Card status: SD card not detected The side of your device has a slot for a microSD card; cards up to 16 GB are supported.Storing, sharing and reading files (such as documents or music) on your microSD card is easy. Windows:     In Windows Explorer or Internet Explorer: type \\OverdrivePro\shared     - or -     Start > Run > \\OverdrivePro\shared Mac:     1. In Finder, select Go > Connect to Server.     2. Type smb://OverdrivePro/shared     3. In Finder, double-click the shared drive. Linux:     Open the file browser and, in the address bar, type smb://OverdrivePro/shared     - or -     Open the run menu (Alt+F2) and type smb://OverdrivePro/shared If you’ve enabled security, you must give the guest username and password to the users.     Enable SD Card Username and Password Security   None   Administrator* Only   Administrator* + Guest Set guest username: Set guest password: *Administrator username = “admin”; use your administrator password -->        To change settings, you must log in.          Sounds    Device Speaker: On   Internet connected Low battery Internet disconnected System alerts Wi-Fi user has joined --> Enter Standby Mode Wi-Fi user has left   Last user has left Find my W802 -->          To change settings, you must log in.       Software Installation Options    The software update for your device is approximately 40MB. Downloading it to your device may take a considerable amount of time, depending on your network connection type and network conditions. Estimated download time: 3G connection: 10 to 30 minutes. 4G connection: 2 to 10 minutes. Alternatively: Visit to download the update to your computer. Then install the software package to the device: select Advanced Settings > Device > Basic > Update Firmware from File. Connection to device has been lost. Close this window and try again. Displayed data usage is intended to help manage usage. The amounts shown are approximate, may vary and are not to be relied on for billing purposes. For more info, click here Device tracked data usage information may be slightly different from carrier tracked usage. For the most accurate data usage, click on the "check carrier usage" link.                 WAN DNS Primary: WAN DNS Seconday: Default Gateway: WAN MTU size: 1500 a