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Multi-Functional Wireless 3G Mobile Router (V7.02a2Beta 20090211)  ADMINISTRATOR's MAIN MENU Status Wizard Logout BASIC SETTING FORWARDING RULES SECURITY SETTING ADVANCED SETTING TOOLBOX Packet Filters Domain Filters URL Blocking MAC Control Miscellaneous Security Setting Packet Filters - Allows you to control access to a network by analyzing the incoming and outgoing packets and letting them pass or halting them based on the IP address of the source and destination. Domain Filters - Let you prevent users under this device from accessing specific Domani names. URL Blocking - Let you prevent users under this device from accessing specific URL strings. MAC Address Control - MAC Address Control allows you to assign different access right for different users and to assign a specific IP address to a certain MAC address. Miscellaneous - Remote Administrator Host: In general, only Intranet user can browse the built-in web pages to perform administration task. This feature enables you to perform administration task from remote host. - Administrator Time-out: The amount of time of inactivity before the device will automatically close the Administrator session. Set this to zero to disable it. - Discard PING from WAN side: When this feature is enabled, hosts on the WAN cannot ping the Device.
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