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Sitecom WL-342 300N Wireless Router Status Wizard Wireless Settings Firewall Advanced Settings Toolbox Choose your language NAT Enable Virtual Server Special Applications UPnP QoS Routing SNMP Quality of Service (QoS) refers to capability of a network to provide better service to selected network traffic. The primary goal of QoS is to provide priority including dedicated bandwidth, controlled jitter and latency (required by some real-time and interactive traffic), and improved loss characteristics. Also important is making sure that providing priority for one or more flows does not make other flows fail. WAN Out Bandwidth Enable or Disable QoS module function Enable Disable Diffserv Forwarding Groups Below shows the Diffserv forwarding behaviors this router supports. User can further configure the bandwidth allocation of each forwarding behavior. Name Description Priority Bandwidth Allocation Minimum Allow More BE Best Effort Forwarding Lowest kbps AF1x AF2x AF3x AF4x Assured Forwarding, provides delivery of packets in four independently forwarded AF classes. Within each AF class, an IP packet can be assigned one of three different levels of drop precedence. Low High EF Expedited Forwarding, is intended to provide low delay, low jitter and low loss delivery of packets. Highest