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Sky Hub > Diagnostics Sky Hub Wireless Powerline Ethernet Security Maintenance Advanced Support Licence Information Logout Wireless Settings Wireless WPS Logs Block Sites Firewall Rules Services Schedule Router Status Attached Devices Backup Settings Set Password Diagnostics Router Upgrade WAN Setup Dynamic DNS LAN IP Setup Remote Management UPnP Diagnostics You can use this page to perform various diagnostics from your Sky Hub Ping an IP address help IPv4 Address: . . . Ping IPv6 Address: Ping Perform a DNS Lookup help Internet Name: IPV4 Look Up IPV6 Look Up IP address: DNS Server Primary Secondary Display the Routing Table help Display Reboot the Sky Hub help Reboot Ping an IP address Use this to send a "ping" packet request to the specified IPv4/IPv6 address. This is often used to test a connection. If the request "times out" (no reply is received), this usually means the destination is unreachable. However, some network devices can be configured not to respond to a ping. Perform a DNS Lookup A DNS (Domain Name Server) converts the Internet name, e.g. www.sky.com, to an IP address. If you need the IP address of a Web, FTP, Mail or other Server on the Internet, you can do a DNS lookup to find the IP address. Display the Routing Table This operation will display the internal routing table. This information may be used by Sky Technical Support. Reboot the Sky Hub Use this button to perform a reboot (restart) of the Sky Hub from the device you are accessing these pages on, rather than physically rebooting the Sky Hub by turning the power off at the mains. You can reboot the Sky Hub if it seems to have become unstable or isn't operating normally.
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